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ABEXUS Analytics first year Anniversary                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


 “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination Albert Einstein

It was dark, there was nothing to do… In the midst of Hurricane María someone in Puerto Rico said,  “Hey! How about... we program ourselves out of our jobs?” Who would have thought that this crazy idea would lead us to leave everything behind (salaries, vacation OHHH vacations…., what employees call “financial stability”) to start a journey of entrepreneurship, a path of innovation in the space that we love, Data Analytics. Today we celebrate ABEXUS Analytics’ first year anniversary and we want to share a little piece of our story. 

ABEXUS is a weird conglomerate of social scientists, data scientists and programmers that love the idea of sharing the knowledge that emanates from data, as such we developed our own tacky phare: “from oblivion… to insight” We pride ourselves in our mission: increase awareness of the importance of data, and how it will become the single biggest asset for companies and governments. By creating technologies (and yes, develop by “puertorriqueños del patio”) that provide us with highly competitive processing power and by combining business data with the hundreds of data sets that we have aggregated over time, ABEXUS has been able to provide multiple industries with the capacities of real data analytics… Yes, we find patterns and trends in data… BUT what we really ENJOY is the quest for explanations of the how and why of things. 

If we look back and do some sort of humble refleflection is kind of weird that we started our business via the production and dissemination of free knowledge…. from the medical cannabis industry to Fintech, from profiling consumer trends of puerto ricans in the states and being the FIRST company in the island to provide an Economic impact estimate of the COVID crisis.  Not to say that in the context of the biggest earthquake that Puerto Rico has had in the past 100 years and a world pandemic that we are still experiencing, ABEXUS has survived and thrived. 

Although we are unable to mention every person that we are grateful for (we will need an entire book) we truly want to thank our clients and all the supporters for without you we would not be here today. Thank you for the opportunity and the confidence that all of you have put in our team, technologies and vision. Needless to say that entities such as I-Corps, Parallel-18, Colmena 66 and The Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust were the only entities in the whole Island who believed in our ideas and actually provided the resources we needed when we did not have a clue of the journey we were starting! 

In this journey (wow… only one year has passed…), as in all stories, some have come and some have abruptly but happily “left”... Others have undertaken the challenge and stayed! We have great expectations and aspirations, we want to keep creating jobs, retain local talent and keep delivering our clients with the highly innovative products and services in the data analytics space. 

I will only want to leave you with one thought… What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? For some it is just something you say to your friends and family, maybe it is something that you think and dream but have not materialized or simply something you put in your linkedin account because is actually trending… 

Within ABEXUS, entrepreneurship is something greater, is the spark that motivated leaving a steady job and provided a challenge to our real capacities. Is the means that allow us to innovate, create, and experiment. It is something that you embrace or you don't.The easiest bet is that startups are destined to fail (the fact is numbers will back such a bet) but we correlated our drive with our passion and we forecasted a positive trend! Stay tuned for this next year, humbly, we will blow your minds with our unorthodox ways!